The Daily Blank Page

September 19, 2016

Be bold and embrace the beauty and versality of a blank page

Daily blank page

The value of recording our inner lives is amazing and extremely powerful. That's why each day of this journal comes with a blank page. The possibilities of using this page are endless and the page may serve a different purpose every day, depending on your moods and needs.

What will you use this space for?

Be bold and embrace the beauty and versatility of a blank page. If you need inspiration, here are some suggestions:

-  The best ideas come from the unconscious. When they arise, immediately write them down. If you don’t, you’ll forget them. Don’t trust your memory.

-  Make sense of your innermost thoughts and feeling about the day by writing them down. If you have negative feelings about your day, writing about them will make these emotions lose their grip on you.

-  Write down the memorable moments of the day; you don’t want to let those treasures slip away in your memory.

-  Record the things that made an impact on you: an idea or philosophy you relate to, events, a person, experiences, articles, quotes, ideas etc.

-  Elaborate on your answers for the daily questions on the left page.

-  Use it for answering your own daily questions

- Scribble out little reminders and notes to yourself.

-  Sketch something or draw random doodles.

Again, the possibilities are infinite.

Some of the most famous people, some of the highest performers in the world, artists, writers, scientists, and other celebrated minds – they all kept journals.

And now you will too.

The Daily quote

Quotes are powerful nuggets of wisdom that can push you to a new level of thinking, a new level of energy, a new level of you, a new level of life. Your daily inspirational quote will make you pause, reflect, appreciate, smile, or in times of adversity, give you the inspiration and motivation to persevere. 







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